Things You All Know About 6ix9ine’s Possible Release From Prison

6ix9ine will be experiencing his official sentencing hearing this week after being detained previous year on racketeering, weapons and drugs charges.

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He also known by his another name Tekashi69 was convicted of these allegations in February 2019 and shortly after that signed a petition deal to cooperate with federal prosecutors in the return of keep away from jail time.

The 23-year-old is expected to get a possible release from prison following his hearing this Wednesday because of his testifying against fellow Nine Trey gang members. On the other side his crimes warrant up to 47 years in prison, Hernandez might descend easy, or really, really easy that what we have been seen in the past, but not the first time.

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Even though his album “Bushwick Dummy Boy” only just passed up prison time numerous years ago, as well. The young rapper was accused of a felony count for use of a child in a sexual performance in 2015 and earned for four years a four-year trial period and a clean community service order.

In spite of appearing in a pornographic video with a child, Tekashi69’s release doesn’t make sense and now everyone is questioning whether the justice system will be proving fair or not?

What kind of justice is being done that allocates people like Tekashi69 whose real name is Daniel Hernandez to get off again and again after making indecent acts.

Moe Gangat, a New York City lawyer, helped us to learn that the rapper will be released with a sentence of “time served” which is appeared the whole scenario.

Gangat expressed in an Instagram video was published this weekend, “The government hasn’t asked for any sentence, and when the government doesn’t ask for any sentence, what they’re saying is: Time served, no sentence.”

By considering the paperwork was filed previous week, a sentence of time served is being recommended by the both the probation department and Tekashi69’s lawyers.

At the end, these are just thoughtful rumors, so we have to wait for Wednesday for the court’s official ruling to learn is going to be happened.