Privacy Policy

We believe every single visitor’s privacy serious or most important because our online news platform called respects its visitors. We keep secret all collected information at what time visitors visit our finest online news point. However, we consider sin sharing all amassed data to the third party. Our online news channel takes responsibility to keep safe visitors in all ways, though the data we amassed may be classified in two ways whether receives with or without eagerness of visitors.


Direct Information:

Actually we receive information from our website of visitors when they come to visit our site’s web pages or its comment section, or dispatch data joining contact page of our On the other hand, our online news channel will be accurate and validated in all means from the highly regarded visitors.


Indirect Information:

When it comes to indirect information, may be assembled from internet robotically that may be incorrect or right, though it has been observed that kind of info constantly brings numerous issues for our website  it unveiled the personal information of our beloved visitors contains activities, behavior and scores of other items thus only IP addresses for the better results in future and the intention of react visitors in enhanced methods.


How or What We Amass Information?


We use direct and indirect ways both to collect all information from the visitors that what we have announced above as from comment section.  Although, may also apply other social media source in other method from indirect information not use any personal detail utilize just hand IP addresses. Our online news channel works for people and also believes to improvise it quality of content to give better experience them. Nonetheless, all type of collected data like Email, profile and social media online platforms acquired after getting approval and support all work completed in legal terms also for the officially authorized goals.


Information Security:

I breaking news point also considers its first responsibility to care for and make safe all obtaining data of visitors with responsibility, while we believe important to clarify one thing that today’s world has built a strong relation with internet where nothing is safe 100% which reveals that not only our channel even no one can give 100% guarantee. Finally, we do all possible efforts to protect visitors of our website’s privacy and personal info which they provide with lot of concentration.


Serious Point:

Please take it in your notice that privacy policy may or may not be similar, visitors must take lot of care at what they join our web pages from They also can open or visit any kind of advertisements appear on our pages that directly has relation to advertiser, for that visitors must have the idea already about privacy policy.