South Korean Pop Star, Actor Cha In Ha, 27, Found Dead

The 27-year-old Korean pop star and actor Cha In-ha found dead, on Tuesday, the latest in a string of deaths to rock the Korean entertainment industry after Goo Hara and Sulli at distance of two months.

Cha had been a member of the K-pop group “Surprise U” and also had a short acting career, found dead at his home. His South Korean talent agency “Fantagio” considered it was “filled with grief at this news that is still hard to believe”.

A spokesperson said, “We earnestly ask for rumors not to be spread, and for speculative reports not to be released in order for his family – who are experiencing great sadness due to the sudden news – to be able to send him away peacefully.”

Police has been started investigation of the one of latest youngest three deaths in the country, but no notable details are revealed to be yet.

However, his real name is Lee Jae-ho, who began his acting career with the short film “You, Deep Inside of Me,” in 2017 and the TV drama Love With Flaws. Cha’s is the third sudden death of a K-pop star in recent months that has been raised another question in South Korean industry.

K-pop singer Goo Hara death was reported suicide in November, before that the death of her close friend and fellow singer Sulli. The deaths of both female stars draw attention to “toxic” fan culture in Korean, as these celebrities were subjected to online abuse.

Sulli died on October 14, 2019, in Seongnam-si, South Korea, was one of the few K-pop stars to speak openly about her mental health problems and her death caused greater emotional support for performers.

These killings also have drawn attention towards the problem of Molka, a practice in which women are secretly filmed so that footage can be viral online.

Goo had been threatened to release explicit footage of them which was filmed without her consent in 2018, so she went to court with ex-boyfriend to court. Police has been registered 6,400 cases of illegal filming, with the number over doubling since 2012 when 2,400 cases were recorded.

After the third death, K-pop stars are under stress, while South Koreans are looking for answer whether it is end or still bad news are on way like this.