Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S11 Latest Updates, May Have Vertical Rear Camera

We have been receiving speculations about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for weeks on both front and rear cameras subjects that are being rumored to be will be on a different position as compared to the Galaxy Note 9.

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These rumors first came from the highly regarded leaker @UniverseIce, who used its Twitter, revealed that the rear camera would have a vertical rather than horizontal arrangement.

So that the reports force us that South Korean’s upcoming giant devices like Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy S10 would be a slightly surprising change range have a horizontal camera arrangement.

When followers asked @UniverseIce if it would have the “same camera hardware”, replied that it would.

However, most probably that means these upcoming gadgets own the same hardware as the dual-lens Galaxy Note 9, the fans have been expecting that S-Korean will have placed a third and perhaps even a fourth lens that the Galaxy S10 phones with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S10e all contain three or more rear lenses.

Nevertheless, the source left us unaware without revealing with reference to the front camera’s position would change, but it is quite possibly one of the largest smart devices manufacturer companies in the world will have designed a punch-hole same as  the S10 range, rather than a notch, with the intention that could be all they mean.

It is a remarkable thing that these camera changes are apparently “two biggest changes” in Note 10, therefore, the design might otherwise be very alike to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The reports suggested Samsung Galaxy S11 is code-named Picasso which is regarded as an experimental painter, which brought creative new styles such as Cubism, so it is quite possible the Galaxy S11 to be designed a radical new design or features.

On another side, we haven’t received rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S11, but Samsung has lately proclaimed a 64MP camera which may be certainly added.

Looking further ahead, the same source has said that the Samsung Galaxy S11 is code-named Picasso. That would make some sense, given that the Galaxy Note 10 is believed to be code-named Da Vinci, however it doesn’t really tell us much about the phone.