‘Cri de Coeur’ Features Princess Margaret’s Unexpected Love With Roddy Llewellyn

Princess Margaret played by Helena Bonham Carter in the Crown’s season three finale “Cri de Coeur,” features how does she finds unforeseen love with Roddy Llewellyn, a British landscape gardener 17 years her junior.

The “Cri de Coeur,” shows how the Princess Margaret undergoes the throes of a dark depression because of the philandering habits of her husband Lord Snowdon played by Ben Daniels and their disturbance caused a tabloid stir.

Her official biographer Christopher Warwick explained Vanity Fair, most part of her life is described in truth in The Crown’s episode that leads how Queen Elizabeth started noticing her sister’s extramarital relationship with Llewellyn.

We learned to The Crown reveals the British landscaper as first affair of the Princess Margaret had allegedly entertained some men earlier to the 25-year-old.

Warwick explored Margaret’s reported affair with Barton, who is a Bordeaux wine producer and the godfather of Margaret and Snowdon’s daughter, Sarah in 1966, “Back in the ’60s, when Snowdon was away on a photographic assignment, he asked a friend of both of theirs, called Anthony Barton, to come and keep the princess company,”

Another Margaret biographer Theo Aronson said, the “short-lived, highly charged affair…would have remained a secret had the Princess not, as is claimed, telephoned Barton’s wife, Eva, to confess all and to say how sorry she was…. A Barton family friend is quoted as saying that Princess Margaret ‘obviously enjoyed the role of femme fatale.’”

Princess had also been in an extramarital relationship with the Scottish aristocrat and pianist Robin Douglas-Home, a nephew of former British Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home.

Warwick also mentioned that tabloids some time rumored of Snowdon and Margaret attempting at repairing their wedding. He also questioned whether Margaret’s relationships before Llewellyn, both of which were short-lived, while it has been in history lost of celebrities have brief romantic relationship that what is seen in Margaret’s case.

Despite of her actions, Margaret had not been attempting for a divorce, according to Warwick, “The early ’70s, I think, was the unhappiest part of her life—from around ’71, ’72, right through until they separated.

“She was drinking too much…she would have her Famous Grouse [whiskey] and water…and she was very lonely. And then of course, that’s the time when she met Roddy Llewellyn.”


Llewellyn was invited by Margret after five months of their introduction, for a three-week holiday on the private Caribbean island of Mustique. Their relationship was made public by a newspaper posted a picture of Llewellyn along with princess in 1976 enlisted Mustique.





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