Top 10 Best Android Apps 2019

Android apps or a mobile applications, is a computer program that is designed to run on a watch, mobile device, a phone, and tablet. These kinds of applications are usually considered contrast to desktop applications those are used on with web applications and desktop computers while web based apps work in mobile web browsers instead of in a straight line on the mobile device.

Google started releasing Android ten years ago and it would surely be difficult to announce accurate number of android applications we have been introduced so far. There are so many android apps available on Google Play for almost all purpose, even though a number of them are able to access without paying any cost, means you just need to visit Play Store and just put name of the application that what you want to download in your smart-device free.

David Pogue, who is a technology columnist, quoted in 2009 that

could be called “app phones” to differentiate them from previous less-sophisticated smartphones. Software application turned into the term “app” since 2010, also was came out as ‘Word of the Year’ by the American Dialect Society.

It also has been revealed that the number of apps in Google Play Store has exceeded to around 3.5 million since December 2017, however, there are many applications with the same functionalities. So you no need to be confused among best Android apps because we have collected ten best of them with tremendous functionality and considering their high-end demand at recent times. We hope you all will must agree with our list, even though you will be finding the essential apps for Android that should be part of your smartphones in 2018.


10. Next Lock Screen (free)

Next Lock Screen is used to lock your screen and to stay away access of any other person. It helps its users to keep their phone away from unwanted access. Next Lock Screen is considered trustworthy, reliable android app in Google Play with it’s an excellent screen locking productivity.

It has also been emerged as best friend of those who have been experiencing everyday that one of the best android apps so far.

Next Lock Screen attains 4.3 reviews on Google Play as well as some little bit confusions have also been reported in comment section of the Play Store by Google, otherwise it performs finest job keeping your data secure and safe. Next Lock Screen covers languages are English, Chinese and Spanish, has also win trust of uncounted persons all around the world having functions, in a straight line on your lock screen;

  • Weather: User of that application can have the local weather with automatic updates.
  • Wallpapers: An image can be selected from gallery of pictures, even it can be attained from Bing Wallpaper of the day that offers a beautiful new picture on your screen each day.
  • Custom Unlock: Keep your gadget using a PIN or pattern code


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9. Tasker (£2.99)

Tasker is an app for Android that performs jobs based on contexts as time, gesture, date, location, application, and event in user-mentioned profiles, clickable or timer home screen widgets.

It was released initially in 2010 and acts in both terms as automatically and manually. Tasker keeps its eyes on the phone for conditions and carries out well tasks based on them. It is considered best one among apps for android, no needs of a special home screen and root to manage an Android device.

It is build with functions such as Zip/unzip application data, Remap, Text-to-speech, Track phone location, Record battery levels, Extend the use of the media button on headset and many others. However, the Google Play Store removed Tasker app charging with violating the Developer Program Policy concerning Dangerous Products for system intrusion.


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8. Clean Master (free)

If you discover your smartphone with slow functionality so in this case you requires Clean Master app that has ability to make better your phone working as well as keeps you device secure and clean.

It is called the best Android mobile cleaner & booster, while its recently added Notification Cleaner feature that block and clean up junk notifications without any inconvenience and save your time to remove those manually.

It is one of the best android apps, has received more than 40,000,000 reviews and title of one of the highest rated apps in the world with rating of 4.7. Clean Master has helped users cleaning reportedly more than 5.1 billion MB of junk files each day all around the globe. The app has been downloaded more than 900 million times so far from every corner of the world.


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7. Greenify (free)


Greenify is believed one of the most popular apps for making better battery life of your device, some android versions cover its own set of battery-saving tools, even a number of smartphones now bring power-saving modes, but these should be spotted as a last choice.

It is an app designed to manage other apps for Android and settings to improve background working and memory use with dropping battery life even saves power back-up. Greenify also keeps you aware how much your battery life is rest and it automatically turned your device into hibernation when you hands off from your smartphone.

It doesn’t mean that Greenify just secures your battery life even stops your phone to be slow down. If you think you require planting your Android device in case to hand Greenify, so you are wrong, to root your android device can make ease of this app as well more better.


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6. Avast Antivirus & Security

The German independent lab AV-TEST made assessment on Avast Mobile Security in September 2017 and announced positive or something kind solid reviews against the efficiency of this one of the best security apps in Google Play.

It noticed 99.8 percent of the 3,016 “real-time” malware threats practiced and 100 percent of the 2,917 samples, happened to be during past weeks. it has attained impressive rank among android apps.

However, these mentioned scores are not supposed to be satisfying but in spite of that they come out with best, has defeated the average detection rates of 95.7 of real-time, and 98.4 percent of figured out at recent time, as well the threats among the 21 Android security products AV-TEST examined in September.


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5. Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

It has been seen the users of smartphones got upset after taking so many pictures while some of those are valuable otherwise all others are considered burden into your storage department. What you think, what Gallery Doctor App does? It has come out as one of the most-valued applications for android.

helps you to back your photographs up and remove easily because its entire working is automatic, means you do not need to experience multiple steps to make this job.

Gallery Doctor finds those images are duplicate, as well highlights them for removal process, so you no need to make weaker efforts. However, it is truly remarkable well-designed program that performs finest way of deletion, although has ratings of 4.5 on Google Play as well as positive comments. On other side some people are seen little upset with its little slow working, though it reportedly does well.


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4. Solid Explorer File Management

Solid Explorer File Manager is designed to navigate your files in decent way, uses Material Design style by Google that gives you best experience of moving your files around and retrieving space a doddle.

It becomes part of best android apps so far, covers 5 beautiful color themes that gives you right to modify the primary color of the main UI and makes available icon sets of three styles.

It’s not the end my friends because it hooks up to cloud storage systems that makes possible file shifting from side to side without any headache. However, the latest version of Solid Explorer File Manager gives right you to lock important files using a fingerprint method. It is one of the finest creations by Google, supports dual pane mode, and offers to adjust a background color for the navigation bar. The Solid File Explorer app also holds up FTP that means the user can set a master password for protecting network locations.


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3. Gboard – the Google keyboard

Gboard is an innovative keyboard created Google for your iPhone, designed with all items that you would expect from a best keyword app for your smartphone. It brings wanted Glide Typing, GIFs, and Emojis as well as also has plus Google Search (built in).

It has achieved crucial ranking among best apps for android. Nonetheless, there is no need more app switching, just discover and send out using this one of the impressive apps on Google Play.

You will be agreeing there is no match Gboard in apps for androids because it has come out as ultimate keyboard, offer Glide Typing seems to be extraordinarily alike to Swype but it is much better than that. The developers also have built-in Google search right into it, using this you can search that what you need.

Here comes a question, what is new in this app, answer is that it bring swipe up or long press on the top row to speedily type a number, support for the following languages, and allows to make chats  with more fun using impressive emoticons.


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2. Video Calling App: Google Duo

Google Duo is another one of the praiseworthy developments by Google in world of communication tools. It is specially designed for smartphones, is exclusively for one-to-one video calls through Google, now it one of the best android applications.

You all have seen more beautified video calling apps with brighten color range, but you haven’t discovered simpler than that, while it also covers some new but innovative features. However, by using Google Duo, you can take sight who is calling you via real ‘footage’ right on the incoming call notification that assists users to make decision to accept the call or not.

It has come out strong competitor of other video calling applications or programs as Facetime by Apple, Viber and Facebook Messenger as well as others are available in apps world claiming to have better features and things.


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  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards has achieved top rank in list of best android apps, was created by the Google with its ratings of 3.9 on Google play even though so many have praised a lot in comments section there.

It would be better choice in case you are a skinflint that is an issue reason why you should definitely have Google Opinion Rewards installed. After downloading and installing this app into your smart-device, surveys will be sent you around once a week, and you will be given credit to spend on the store.

However, for a moment, it could be 50p, or sometimes 10p, though survey doesn’t take longer than a minute or two, therefore you must go for Google Opinion Rewards right now.

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