Afghanistan Blast Kills 3 US Soldiers, Wounds An American Contractor

A Taliban bombing has killed three US service members on Tuesday close to city of Ghazni, Afghanistan, while also injured an American contractor.  United States military had to experience further loss this year in Afghanistan.

The United States military haven’t revealed names of those who were targeted by the Islamist militants pending the notification of next of family connections. On other hand, Taliban have claimed responsibility for the blast, adding that an improvised explosive device worked nicely as a tank was completely destroyed.

However, United States people are curious to learn about who were killed in this attack is believed the deadliest against US service members in Afghanistan since 2017, while everyone keeping their eyes on US military next announcement holds identifications.

According to officials, Islamist fighters from Taliban used a roadside bomb near Ghazni City, the southeastern province of same signature, caused three soldiers deaths and left wounded an American contractor. Nevertheless, latest attack on 27 November occurred three months after they were dispatched to save that metropolis from falling to the one of the most dangerous militant organizations in the world.

As we all had noticed that the Pentagon made public an end to American combat operations in Afghanistan in 2014, though the militants belonging to organization have been expanding their reach since the year, hence United States military had to rejoin the fight.

Haji Abdulamin, who is a local resident as eye witness, told media reporters that Islamist fighters went off an improvised explosive device (a roadside mine) as an American convoy passed on the highway in Ghazni, and heavy smoke raised all over the place, added saying that after receiving report regarding the attack helicopters landed and took victims.

Despite the United States military efforts, the Taliban have come out strengthening their hold over the nation in recent years.