World’s Richest Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of ‘Extortion and Blackmail’ Pics


On Thursday, Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos accused American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer, of extortion explaining a theory that carried together international conspiracy, White House politics, naked photographs and affectionate text messages of him and his girlfriend.

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The 55-year-old one of the most experienced American entrepreneurs also provided details of accusations against American Media Inc. which the company at the back of The National Enquirer, in a blog post on online platform the, what he illustrated as “extortion and blackmail” by issuing a series of emails he says were exchanged by his and AMI’s attorneys.

Actually The Enquirer dared to make public previous month Mr. Bezos’ details of close relationship with Lauren Sanchez who has been seen hosting the Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The owner of Amazon company made headline of his post “No thank you, Mr. Pecker” pointed out David J. Pecker who is the chairman and CEO of American Media as well as publisher for other tabloids.

Bezos accused American Media of pressuring with threatens to issue graphic photographs of him as well as a ‘below-the-belt selfie,’ if he did not openly confirm that The Enquirer’s exposure on his love relationship was not prompted by political concerns.

“Well, that got my attention,” The Washington Post owner wrote of the threat, “But not in the way they likely hoped.”

The Enquirer published the stirring event in this battle of American titans on January 28’s edition that targeted supermarket racks on 10th January, just about 24-day after Bezos along with his wife MacKenzie (both remained husband wife for 25 years) officially proclaimed that they have decided divorce.

The newspaper wrote the story of Mr. Bezos’ affair with Ms. Sanchez on 11 pages titling it ‘the biggest investigation in Enquirer history!’

The tabloid alleged that it their souirces had been following the couple “across five states and 40,000 miles,” secretively taking notice of their all moments as both boarded private jets, stepped in limousines and spent quality moments in “five-star hotel hideaways.”

The Enquirer brought public the whole story with photoshoot of the unaware couple as they stepped onto a runway and their jointly arriving at what the tabloid named “their beachfront love nest in Santa Monica.”

Nevertheless, some romantic text messages are also part of the tabloid’s revelation those were sent by Mr. Bezos to Ms. Sanchez as “I am crazy about you,” and “All of you.” are among them.