Syrian Plane Dropped Bombs On Idlib Caused 21 Civilians’ Deaths

Syrian government forces enhanced their actions against jihadist stronghold in the country’s northwest in Idlib province, left about 21 civilians dead on Tuesday in the result of latest bombardment, a monitor reported media.

It seems to be that Arab Republic country determined to completely remove Islamic militants from their nation as focuses entirely on Idlib province which is considered to stronghold of jihadists.

However, government pounded a number of towns in Idlib as well as countryside of neighboring Aleppo, caused nine children including 21 dead people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights mentioned in their report.

Nine civilians’ deaths are also reported in the result of assaults on a busy street in the village of Kafr Halab, on the western edge of Aleppo province.

One of the reporters, who visited the destroyed location, told that bodies of the victims were scattered into pieces there and quite a lot of stores lining the side of the road gave sight of immense destruction.

People turn markets about before breaking the daytime fast and markets are remain busy during Ramazan month.

United Nation’s humanitarian office spokesperson, David Swanson described that the Syrian government military’s artillery shells also targeted a hospital in the Idlib town of Kafranbel.

Swanson said, “The facility is reportedly out of service due to severe structural damage,”

Majed al-Akraa, who is administrative director for the medical center also confirmed the attack, “The hospital is completely out of service,” he said. “It was a strong attack. The generators and even my car caught fire,”

The Britain-based Observatory explained, the latest Idlib province bombardment followed by two days of intense regime shelling on the region that shot dead a total of 31 inhabitants on Sunday and Monday.

Civilians including rescue volunteers reached the location after strikes and started pulling dust-covered bodies from the debris of ruined constructions.