Selma Blair Reveals Her Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

Selma Blair, who earned massive fame globally, has revealed about her struggles with multiple sclerosis after declaring her diagnosis last October.

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The 46-year-old American actress has revealed that she has not taken the problem seriously after suffering the disease, Blair in an ABC News segment previous day.

She became popular after playing Zoe Bean on the WB sitcom Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane from 1999 to 2000, said during her an interview with the magazine that she has been handling strange ailments for nearly five years, before experiencing an MRI previous summer and finding out the autoimmune disease.

Blair said, “I’m pretty much a nobody in Hollywood. But when I read comments on Instagram from people who were suffering, whether it was from M.S., or anything, I thought, ‘Holy s—, there’s a need for honesty about being disabled from someone recognizable.’”

The Mom and Dad actress also shared on “Good Morning America” that before diagnosing, she has started undergoing severe fatigue and pain as of welcoming her son in 2011.

She also said that to bear fatigue remained repeatedly tough for her, added remembering times when she had to drive a mile to drop her son off at school only to pull over and take a nap before she turned home.

The former wife of Ahmet Zappa continued, “I was in an M.S. flare-up and didn’t know, and I was giving it everything to seem normal. And I was self-medicating when he wasn’t with me. I was drinking. I was in pain. I wasn’t always drinking, but there were times when I couldn’t take it.”

However, after growing so desperate, Blair once asked her fellow actor Michael J. Fox to join her, that what she might have the same disease, while J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s ailment in 1991. Nonetheless, everything went beyond her thinking after her diagnosis.

Blair stated nearly the moment she was diagnosed, “I had tears. They weren’t tears of panic. They were tears of knowing I now had to give in to a body that had loss of control, and there was some relief in that.”

That was then, but now one of the most beautiful American actresses shows off her diagnosis with dare and pride. Although her appearance with a bedazzled cane at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party, addressed the culture magazine previous Sunday, they should always “fit right and look cool.”

Blair earned a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children after narrated the audiobook The Diary of Anne Frank, promised to carry on her acting career despite her disability.