Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Is Now Under Control, Causes Cathedral’s Iconic Spire Collapse

A huge fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris demolished large parts of the 850-year-old church. However, the blaze long-lasting caused the cathedral’s iconic spire collapse, while fire is now under control.

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French Secretary of State to the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Laurent Nunez addressed reporters Tuesday morning, said that the unexpected fire incident has destroyed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, and now the blaze is under control but not entirely as fire workers are still working to extinguish completely.

He described, “There are still small outbreaks, the cooling off process is still underway, new outbreaks were reported and contained right away,”

The beauty of the 850-year-old cathedral consists of priceless works of art, musical instruments, architecture, statues, woodwork and religious historical objects, from the 8,000-pipe great organ to Nicolas Coustou’s sculpture Descent From the Cross.

Considering the entire loss, French President Emmanuel Macron said, “We will rebuild,” although the blaze hit the contraction considered a “terrible tragedy,” but the “worst had been avoided,” he promised his nation that they will “rebuild this cathedral together.”

Nonetheless, one of the most beautiful churches in the world was constructed in the 13th century whereas the medieval construction is deemed to be an achievement of architecture as much as a religious symbol.

The cathedral is also believed to be one of the most popular attractions in Paris and approximately about or more than 13 million visitors come here to see its incredible beauty every year.

One of the Twitter users who is in Paris on her honeymoon captured through his smartphone, a Parisians group singing hymns walking through a street on the banks of the Seine nearby Notre Dame Cathedral, while firefighters are trying to overcome the fire.

Nunez also explained their administration held a meeting of experts from the French architectural review board “to try and determine if the structure is stable and if the firemen can venture inside and continue their mission.”

On another hand, the Paris Prosecutor’s office made public that some testimonies from construction workers working on the site have been heard by investigators; while cathedral had been under restoration it couldn’t get that the upgrade work has a link to the fire which started wrapping the holy place Monday evening.