Know The Use, And Reuse Nose Filter Mask

The whole world these days is suffering from the issue of Coronavirus and this disease has made us realize the importance of the nasal filters and face masks. These are the prime components to save us from this respiratory pandemic disease.

nose filter mask,

There is no doubt that the world is also facing a lack of face masks. So, in this writing, we have tried to describe the use, reuse and disposal of the masks in order to optimize the use of nose filter mask.

This is important to know because many of the people just know that we have to use the mask but don’t know how to use it properly. It is also necessary to sanitize your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers to keep the hygiene as much as possible. Throw the tissues you use in the dustbin. 

How To Use The Nose Filter Mask?

It is required to fit the mask properly around the nose and mouth. You should ensure that your mask is covering the mouth and nose and not allowing the external pollution and water droplets to come inside while breathing. Understand the purpose of using masks. The main motive of using the nose filter mask is to defeat the pollution and other pollen entering your body. It mainly saves us from respiratory and pandemic disease. Your mask can be made up of cotton cloth with 3 layered security.

How To Reuse the Nose Filter Mask?

Most of the face masks are for one-time use only and disposable. Experts suggest not to reuse the mask if its inner layer gets moist or the mask is soiled. There are different types of masks available to use such as surgical masks, cloth masks, N95, N99.

All of these masks have their advantages and usage benefits. Like N95 and N99 stop 95 and 99 percent of pollutants respectively during respiration. In case you are using a cloth mask then to reuse it is essential to disinfect, wash and dry it before using again. Reuse of the masks depends on its type.

If you are using an invisible pollution mask then you should not wash it. Just sanitize it with a good sanitizer. Sanitization is not also a more applicable method to reuse the mask because it works for a limited time only.


Who Should Be Utilizing Nasal Filter Masks?

According to researchers and medical experts across the world germs and viruses of different types can survive for a long time on different surfaces. Even a used mask is not untouched with their touch.

So it is essential to dispose of the masks properly. In these pandemic situations, everyone who is outside of the home due to various reasons should use these devices. Security personnel, health care service providers, cleaners, and others are at high risk because they are likely to deal with all people either infectious or not.

Most importantly, front-line workers and doctors who are looking after the COVID-19 and respiratory infections should be using nasal air filters.