Nigeria School Building Collapse Causes About 8 Deaths, Feared More Fatalities

Nigeria school building collapse left about 8 people dead early Thursday although rescuers search for more than 100 children believed to be still under the debris of commercial construction that houses a school in capital Lagos.

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Parents went shocked after hearing the building collapse that occurred close to Itafaji market on Lagos Island at nearly 10 a.m. local time (09:00 GMT). Rescuers are seeking more students are said to be still missing or under the rubble, although more official rescue efforts are needed to release the victims.

By considering the lack of rescue services, a number of onlookers and residents from Lagos have started their own efforts to free people from the wreckage with the help of bare hands to shift slabs of concrete.

A Head for Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Adesina Tiamiyu said in a statement addressing reporters, “Dozens of children were trapped inside,” while everything is being supervised.

Tiamiyu also told that emergency workers have released out 40 people alive from the collapsed construction, while a number of them received severe injuries.

Red Cross and police officials are also performing their duties removing debris as thousands of people are gathered around the accident destination, going off into cheers as limp forms were dragged from the wreckage.

If locals’ reports are to be believed, nearly 100 children had entered the school which was on the third floor of the structure. However, the building also owns offices, residential units, and shops.

The line “Oh my gosh” was heard when onlookers found out school bags, clothes, and toys scattered among the heaps of debris and a bulldozer was on way to clear a path through some of the rubble.

Tiamiyu also told reporters at Lagos that the local community’s efforts are making their job easier who have been helping the rescuers saving many lives since the incident happened.

Lagos’ residents are reported to pass water and helmets to dust-covered rescuers struggling to sift through the rubble of the building which fell down without any warning.