Netflix’s Bird Box: Sandra Bullock Does Great, Movie Makes A Lot Of Sense

The Bird Box is an American horror, thriller, post-apocalyptic and appears to be finest directorial of Susanne Bier. One most important thing is that about why the filmmakers elected A-list star Sandra Bullock for lead role, though she made tremendous from start to end.

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A mother of two innocent children doesn’t care sounds as Emily Blunt played in 2018s A Quiet Place, but doesn’t want her kids to see something unbearable for them there are creatures who will slaughter with a look.

The storyline of the film based on Josh Malerman’s post-apocalyptic novel Bird Box, while screenplay is written by Eric Heisserer who fixed the novel in 124 minutes with something supposed to be 50/50. The director of the Bird Box has best recognized for his project the glossy small-screen success The Night Manager, while his directorial skills remained mixed successful and unsuccessful to entertain audience in theatres.

Eric Heisserer earned impressive acclaim for his writing for Final Destination 5, but don’t know he couldn’t win watchers’ praise like FD 5 as his Bird Box writing is reported by them clunky and off-tone.

Sandra Bullock starrer the dystopian survival drama “Bird Box” hit Netflix on 21 December, while released on December 14, 2018 in United States, though watchers couldn’t stop themselves praising the 54-year-old experienced actress role leading terror sporting a blindfold and struggling with devils.

The movie Bird Box has been receiving pretty mixed reviews since its release, falling to the negative direction, but also achieved a 65% positive critical score by Rotten Tomatoes.

Veteran Hollywood star Bullock plays a tense woman, Malorie who tells her two young children that they have to go on a dangerous journey and also strictly advised them don’t try to remove their blindfolds but if they do, will be died.

It wouldn’t be wrong if it says that Bullock is considered a chance to put a toe in the streaming world because on her act keeps engage the audience in entire film, while Sarah Paulson, Jacki Weaver, John Malkovich, dashing Trevante Rhodes and other are in supporting cast of Bird Box.

Bird Box is a complicated but an interesting horror-thriller-post-apocalyptic venture to amuse you in this December holidays.

By considering mixed reviews, majority are against to an Oscar-winning filmmaker, while in complete favor of Bullock who achieves thumbs up from the watchers. Bullock plays survivor not in only in film but also for production of Bird Box. in spite of negative reviews against Susanne Bier direction, film is being liked by the audience in theaters.