Magic Mouthwash Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, All Other Things You Need To Know

Magic Mouthwash Overview:

You have heard Magic mouthwash’s some other recognition like Mary’s magic mouthwash, miracle mouthwash, Duke’s magic mouthwash, and mixed medicated mouthwash. We also have often discovered a number of magic mouthwashes with numerous different names in stores.

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Some of these are made using slightly unlike ingredients in unreliable amounts, while commonly they own medicated mixes in liquid form like regular mouthwash. There are some brands are offering a range of magic mouthwash for both adults and children.

Magic mouthwashes are generally manufactured to cure a sore mouth that may be in the result of cancer treatments or an infection. This condition sore or blister is titled oral (mouth) mucositis.


In Which Conditions Magic Mouthwash Can Be Used:

It has been observed usually children and younger adults suffer from mucositis because they shed older cells faster. Whereas older adults get rid of mucositis not easily or it takes time, but children and younger people can be cured without problems.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are the said to be oral mucositis’ main cases in a number of adults although other oral mucositis causes are;

Thrush: It is an infection of the mouth that becomes because of the Candida fungus, also recognized as yeast. Candida infection may appear in other parts of the body too, causing diaper rash in infants or vaginal yeast infections in females. It looks like small white bumps on the tongue and inside the mouth.

Stomatitis: It is inflammation of the mouth and lips is cited to any inflammatory process involving the mucous membranes of the lips and mouth, with or without oral ulceration. It is reported in two types as canker sores and cold sores, while it may be because of the herpes virus.

Mouth Hand, and Foot Disease: It can wrap anyone effortlessly, though Hand, foot, and mouth disease are reported causes behind sores in the mouth and rashes on the hands and feet occurrence as well as the Coxsackievirus may bring it easily. It is usually seen in children under 5 years.



What Things Are Used In Making of The Magic Mouthwash?


Magic mouthwash is made using a mixture of medicines or numerous different formulas are:

  • An antihistamine to overthrow swelling (for example, diphenhydramine)
  • Antifungal drug to halt or bring to an end a fungal infection
  • Antibiotic(s) to put off or bring to a halt bacterial infection
  • An antacid is added in the mouthwash to coat your mouth (aluminum hydroxide, magnesium, or kaolin)
  • A steroid drug to lower inflammation (redness and swelling)
  • A numbing drug to soothe pain (lidocaine)


When it comes to Magic mouthwash making for children;

Pharmaceutical companies always consider age factors by making Magic mouthwash or other medicines and use different formulas. However, the use of aluminum hydroxide liquid syrup (Maalox), diphenhydramine (Benadryl) allergy syrup, and lidocaine is seen in this product’s making for children.


How To Take Magic Mouthwash:

Pharmaceutical brands offer Magic mouthwash in ready-to-use form or perhaps mixed at the spot by your pharmacist. It is composed of liquid drugs and powder, while it can be used normally up to 90 days but you need to keep a bottle of magic mouthwash in the fridge.

Here are some instructions to educate you how a magic mouthwash can be utilized:


You need to pour a dose of the magic mouthwash using a measuring cap or sterile spoon.

It can also be taken by pouring directly in your mouth and gently swish it around for a minute or two.

One thing you need to know, do try to swallow its amount because it may bring some side effects or an upset stomach.

After taking magic mouthwash you need to stay away eating or drinking anything for about 30 minutes because it helps you to stay the medicine in the mouth long enough to work its results.

Instructions About Volume of Dosage:

Every medicine you use following the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist hence doesn’t use magic mouthwash exceeding recommendation of your medical expert.

Doctors always suggest the dosage of magic mouthwash considering the type of magic mouthwash and the condition of your mucositis.

Magic mouthwash’s recommended dose is 10 milliliters every three hours, up to six times a day. Nevertheless, this suggested dose can usually be taken for six days, though other kinds are utilized every four to six hours.

Your doctor also may carry on, lower, or stop your dosage depending on how the medicated mouthwash is showing effects for you.


Magic Mouthwash Price

There are some best magic mouthwashes out there are available at up to 50 dollars for 8 ounces. If your insurance plan holds the responsibility of your medical expenditure so in this you should let them know.

On the other hand, some companies may decline to pay for magic mouthwash.


Does Magic Mouthwash Ease Mucositis Symptoms?

Magic mouthwash is made to cure a sore mouth and reduce or remove mucositis symptoms. You certainly would be asked by your doctor to use it to assist put off oral mucositis.

We are not willing to claim for how well it works because there are many different kinds of magic mouthwash involving various formulas.

Some other treatments for oral mucositis may also perform impressive effects in some cases.

A treatment known as oral cryotherapy may give you remarkable results but there is no certainty because it depends on the nature of your problem. It has no side effects at all, while this treatment involves cold therapy to ease infected or irritated parts in the mouth.

It has been revealed in a small study that morphine mouthwash performs well to treat oral mucositis as compared to magic mouthwash.

It needs more study, while this latest treatment on 30 adults has shown notable outcomes, while it was being done on head and neck cancer patients.

Another study also demonstrated the magic mouthwash didn’t come out with good effects than other medications to recover oral mucositis. Although the study tested magic mouthwash merged with another drug against benzydamine hydrochloride. This prescription came out bringing down inflammation, pain, and swelling.


Let’s Take A View Of Magic Mouthwash Side Effects

Magic mouthwash is a compound of strong medications, although if the Mayo Clinic advice is believed to be it can make a number of mouth symptoms worse because like other medicines, it may also involve side effects.

Magic mouthwash may enhance your mouth problems as:

  • Tingling
  • Dryness
  • Loss or change of taste
  • Burning or stinging
  • Soreness or irritation

However, it may bring some side effects like Diarrhea, Nausea, Constipation, and Drowsiness.

In this case to discover the side effects after using magic mouthwash, just stop it and these will be going away on their own a few days to a few weeks after preventing its use.



Apparently, magic mouthwash doesn’t make sense of harmful effects but it is actually a compound of powerful drugs like other medication. You just need to don’t ignore the advice of your doctor or pharmacist and don’t try to use it more than prescribed.

If someone is being treated as a cancer patient, in this situation he must consult with his doctor how to recover a sore mouth.

To take consultancy of any nutritionist to set a better diet plan with a sore mouth wouldn’t be a bad choice. Also ignores if someone suggests you magic mouthwash recipes to make at home.

Actually, only pharmaceutical companies trust because they use balance formulas hence it’s making at home may cause some bad effects.

Every medication involves various effects in terms of ages, though magic mouthwash is also like them, therefore it may also invite side effects for you.

Don’t wait for anything if you are facing negative effects, talk your doctor right away because a doctor can assess nicely nature of your problem and recommend a reliable combination of treatments or treatments for oral mucositis.