Liam Neeson Reveals Racist Revenge Story, John Barnes Says Neeson Deserves A Medal

During the latest interview with The Independent, Liam Neeson remembered a disturbing incident, expressed that years ago he contemplated performing a racist revenge attack after someone close to him was raped.

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After learning about the 66-year-old statement over black community, John Barnes, a football legend said addressing to Sky News, believes the experienced actor from Ireland “deserves a medal” for his honesty about having violent on one occasion thoughts and his wish to kill a black person.

Apparently, the former England player demonstrated favor for the Hollywood actor who has given strict expression in an interview after a female friend was raped some years ago.

Neeson also said he used to walk in the streets carrying a hope to kill some “black bastard” in revenge as he has taken pain against the reportedly raped female friend.

On Monday, the Hollywood star made public his rage over black community during a press tour for his new movie, “Cold Pursuit.” Although Neeson regret for his horrible past behavior has been come out as prominent controversy all around the world.

Neeson known for his angry man expression in films started narrating his personal story when he was asked about his film character turning to annoyance. He has earned nominations for many titles, also expressed that he is on way to complete his desire to murder after he discovered when he moved back home from a trip.

The former husband of Natasha Richardson also shared that he walked on the streets carrying a cosh weapon by wishing someone would have a go at him and will be killed by him, although he also described he quickly felt shame by his behavior.

Barnes has experienced racist abuse as well during his football career, shared Sky News that his feelings for Neeson are in appreciating way as he revealed true sentiments, and that “we are all unconscious racists”.

During his talks with The Independent, Neeson also shared that he grew up in the troubles when there was a period of huge unrest in his native Northern Ireland, and that taught him the primal drive for revenge.

The Cold Pursuit, a drama-thriller directed by Hans Petter Moland and features Emmy Rossum, Tom Bateman, Julia Jones, and Liam Neeson Playing main roles in this upcoming venture.