Kanye West Donates Over $730k To California Firefighters Relief

American richest rappers Kanye West along with wife Kim Kardashian-West has donated US$500,000 (NZ$732,000) to assist victims by California wildfires.


However, all donated money came from Kanye West, Yeezy and Adidas dispatched to The California Fire Foundation, the California Community Foundation and firefighter Michael Williams and his wife Lisa whose house turned into ashes by the California’s deadly campfire, though Williams has been protecting other residences in the hills above Hollywood.

One of the sexiest American television personalities, Kardashian-West has attained huge criticism for appointing private firefighters to secure her house during wildfires that caused almost79 lives, emerged with Williams on The Ellen DeGeneres Show​.

Kim is also one of the sexiest women all over the world, talked the couple before handing over an outsized cheque, “We know that you lost your home, so Kanye, Yeezy and Adidas want to don’t you guys $100,000 [NZ$150,000] so you can begin to pick up the pieces,”

If earlier reports are to be believed that suggest that where Kardashian-West owned its home sweet home there campfire didn’t move but instead of that they were forced to her home for several days, even though the richest couple hired private fire protection to stay safe their residence. Kim announced that their hired private fire protection also kept neighbours, not only their home.

She added in statement, “I had them make sure they controlled every house on the edge, so it wasn’t just my home [where] I said, ‘Just take care of our home.’ I said, ‘Take care of everything, because once they go—once ours starts—the whole neighbourhood can go.’ I don’t take that for granted and that was such a blessing that we were able to do that.”

Nonetheless, we recently have received updates, wildfires arose and its smoke was seen in New York City and DC had moved from the west. Although, on Monday, Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski shared a forecast map via Twitter from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, showing the smoke is moving across the United States.

The latest 

California wildfires are believed as one of the deadly disasters in century, destroyed badly the state in weeks has scorched wrapped 3,000 miles to East Coast cities.

A reveal comes from the Weather Channel this week, the smoke was anticipated to remain through Wednesday before cold chill descends on the Northeast over the Thanksgiving holiday.