Kansas Announces Tornado Emergency After About 11 Injured, Airport Closed


On Tuesday, an apparent tornado wrapped Lawrence, a city in northeast Kansas, while rotating column of air caused 11 people injuries in the town, though is also damaged Kansas City International Airport which ordered to close briefly.

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Monday came out as the 11th consecutive day with multiple tornadoes threats reported throughout the country, National Weather Service reported.

After NWS a “tornado emergency” alert for parts of eastern Kansas on Tuesday night fear was seen everywhere among the residents as dangerous weather landed in the region.

The home of Kansas University, including Lawrence police described a massive tornado wrapped large trees, trash along the streets, power lines and caused some major roads blocked.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital spokesperson has confirmed 11 people were wounded in the result of dangerous rotating air traveled in the streets of town. However, Kansas University is already closed for the summer.

Two flights were diverted and passengers had been waiting in the airport were rushed to the parking garage tunnels at nearly 7 p.m. Nevertheless, everyone heard “all clear” later on 45 minutes of the critical circumstances, Kansas City International Airport said in its statement.

After considering situation normal, the airport decided to reopen after 11 p.m. local time after remaining closed for hours because of “unsafe conditions from area storm debris.”

The Lawrence Police Department announced through their Twitter, “Most structural damage appears to have occurred near Lawrence as the tornado passed just outside the city limit,”

They added, “Please do not go sight seeing tornado damage. This only hampers the efforts of emergency workers.”

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Furthermore, close to 13,000 residents of the town had to face power close in the Lawrence area late hours Tuesday. On Monday night, tornadoes wrecked parts of Ohio including some residences and leaving thousands without power and water.

Inhabitants close to New York City also braced for a likely tornado, but regardless of warnings it did not become visible and remained safe.