Jordan Peele Releases ‘Us’ Trailer On Christmas Day

Jordan Peele Releases Us

Hollywood critically acclaimed director Jordan Peele has treated nicely fans while releasing his upcoming horror thriller film “Us” trailer on Christmas Day that brought fear on this special day for fans who are enjoying holidays.

Jordan Peele Releases Us

There Santa Claus brings gifts for all Peele seems to be imitated his custom sharing his forthcoming “Us” first glimpse with something terrible.

However, Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o starrer “Us” first look reveals a family experiencing invader during a summer getaway. While Peele has earned huge praise for his previous incredible horror venture “Get Out” which also brought his an Oscar for this scary 2017 feature debut.

The 39-year-old most experienced Hollywood filmmaker shared the first look of this appears to be most entertaining scariest version for 2019.

Peele tweeted the “Us” first look on Christmas morning, saying, “Here we go.”

On Thursday, Peele told Entertainment Weekly, “For my second feature, I wanted to create a monster mythology,”

The script of this film is written and directed by Jordan Peele which is scheduled to be released on March 15, has attained impressive praise from watchers or fans for this first trailer.

The Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o plays lead (Adelaide) along with Winston Duke (Gabe Wilson), this couple arrive at their beach house in Northern California with their children carrying some planned dreams to make their trip memorable but something occurs totally against their wishes when a group of uninvited visitors reached this site.

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This disturbing occurrence makes Adelaide increasingly fearful as she is haunted by a past trauma, while a night at the family home which is being shown in the first look that four figures at the foot of the driveway defines complete glimpse of the horror is unleashed upon the Wilson family.

Jordan Peele Releases Us

Nonetheless, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul Mateen II, Anna Diop and others are also part of the cast of Peele’s next most-awaited horror thriller film “Us”, is promising to give something higher than the “Get Out”.