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Who is Jeff Cavaliere? He is a celebrity trainer, better known as the founder of ‘ATHLEAN-X.’ He is recognized as a strength and conditioning specialist certified by the ‘National Strength and Conditioning Association’ (NSCA). 

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Jeff Cavaliere Personal Information:

Date of Birth: June 28, 1975

Age: 43 Years, 43 Year Old Males

Born In: Connecticut, United States

Profession: Fitness Trainer, Social Media Star

Height: 1.73 M

Notable Alumni: University Of Connecticut

Alias: Athlean X

Company: Athlean X

Youtube Channel: Athlean X

Sun Sign: Cancer

Nationality: American


  • BA Physioneurobiology (University of Connecticut)
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Physical Therapy Masters Degree (University of Connecticut)



  • Head Physical Therapist & Assistant Strength Writer for Men’s Fitness
  • Founder of fitness company (Athlean X)
  • As Coach for “New York Mets”

He is famed as a fitness instructor after becoming the head physical therapist of the ‘New York Mets,’ an American professional baseball team based in the New York City. He has also served the team as the assistant strength coach and had the opportunity to become the personal trainer for the David Wright, a star player of the team.

Cavaliere has also identified as an entrepreneur as well as the founder of the “ATHLEAN-X Training System,” whose goal is to give anyone a body shape like an elite athlete. He has been sharing fitness knowledge on his Youtube channel which has achieved over 6.9 million subscribers so far.

Being the best fitness trainer he has work experience with renowned celebrities as Carlos Delgado, Tom Glavine, Billy Wagner, Pedro Martínez, and José Reyes.

Cavaliere has also earned thousands of followers on other biggest social-media websites like ‘Instagram,’ and ‘Twitter’, and day by day his prominence becoming higher not only in the United States as well as other nations.


Jeff Cavaliere Early Life:

He was born in Connecticut, United States on June 28, 1975, though his childhood holds his keen interest in movies. He raised by watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone films and those came out his biggest inspiration.

He had been playing football and baseball during school days that what showed him great fitness in body, here started his interest to focus on all muscles as physical strength causes better performance on the field.

At the moment, he has a skinny body hence he felt embarrassment working out in the gym and decided to continue his exercise at home. After discovering the great change in his body, took a decision to build a strong physique.

Cavaliere went the ‘University of Connecticut’ and completed his graduation in 1997, with a bachelor’s degree in physioneurobiology. He bagged his master’s degree in physical therapy in the year 2000 from the same institute for higher education.


Jeff Cavaliere Career:

Cavaliere made his debut as a personal trainer and physical therapist, while his fame brought Mark Johnson who is a so famous baseball player, at his door in 2001, although he started workouts along not only with Mark but also some other elite athletes for the next few years.

The management of “New York Mets” was seeking a new physical therapist in 2006 for its squad, at the moment they were suggested for Cavaliere by Mark Johnson. However, Cavaliere was so excited to hand this project because making work on these professional players could make his career.

Finally, he signed for the baseball team in 2006 as a fitness trainer but later on associated as strength coach of the team. His hours longer efforts brought reward as the baseball team named victory in the 2006 ‘National League East Championship.’ Nevertheless, Cavaliere served the team until 2009.

After saying good-bye athletes from ‘New York Mets’, he has taken a verdict to form his own fitness company entitled ATHLEAN-X Training System.

He created his Youtube channel with his company name in 2006 and began making and publishing video on fitness topics. To join the world’s largest video sharing website wasn’t a bad idea as he came out as the renowned trainer as well as social media star with a huge collection of subscribers on his ‘YouTube’ channel.

Cavaliere has also been publishing on other social media platforms such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ since a long time content related his field that what caused his further prominence all around the world.


Jeff Cavaliere Personal Life:

Cavaliere married in 2008, while it said to be his marriage influenced his association with the ‘New York Mets.’ Because after getting married he decided to spend his time family and friends that what made his career as a physical therapist ended to the baseball team.

In spite of saying good-bye the ‘New York Mets,’ his love and affection are still for the team, even though some sources have revealed that he has expressed his desire to reunite the New York based team as a head physical therapist but still waits for their kindness.

Jeff Cavaliere remained all-time active on social networks, though he has over 1.2m followers on ‘Instagram,’ and more than 36.4 K persons are followers on his Twitter. On another side, his Youtube account ‘ATHLEAN-X,’ has over 6.9 million subscribers, as well as his videos, are highly being watched on regular basis.


Some Other Major Works:

He served ‘Men’s Fitness’ as a contributing writer in 2004, and also wrote ‘The Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint’ and the ‘Major League Insider Training Manual.’

Cavaliere came out as one of the most preferred lecturers in the field of strength and conditioning training. He became so famous just because of the innovative training method that makes him be prominent and versatile than others are renowned trainers.