James Brown’s Death; CNN Investigation Causes Questions, Family-Friends Call To Investigations

Was James Brown murdered? CNN published a lengthy investigation on Tuesday claiming that whole scenario of Brown’s death appears to be suspicious and also revealed to be soul & funk legend and his former wife Adrienne both may not have died accidentally.

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James Joseph Brown recognized himself as one of the best American singers, songwriters, dancers, musicians and record producers, passed away on Christmas Day 2006 from a heart attack and fluid in his lungs, but there was no postmortem reported on the singer’s body.

When CNN asked the doctor who treated Brown, replied like this, he “doubted Brown had died of natural causes. He suspected that Brown died of an overdose, accidental or otherwise.”

The new surprising investigation by Atlanta, GA based news agency has stirred up in American, while about 13 people have united with CNN claim and they are insisting that Brown’s death should be investigated or an autopsy should be carried out.

Thomas Lake, CNN journalist writes, “There are legitimate questions about James Brown’s death that can only be answered by an autopsy and a criminal investigation,”

Mr. Lake also revealed that 11 people asked him that Brown’s death must be reinvestigated, while CNN list contained Brown’s daughter LaRhonda Pettit and son-in-law Darren Lumar, who had alleged that Mr. Brown did not expire of natural causes, something went wrong with them.

CNN’s Lake also made public that late American singer’s fourth wife Tomi Rae, Daryl Brown, one of six heirs named in Brown’s will and Brown’s manager Frank Copsidas including Reverend Al Sharpton, a friend of the vocalist (who alleged to be murdered), “I’ve always had and still have a lot of questions … I wouldn’t mind a further investigation at all.”

On another side, Jacqueline Hollander has collected much of the evidence are pointing towards a possible murder, added Lake, her friend Adrienne Brown said she was forced to drop accusations against Brown, of physical attack with an aim to murder, after receiving threatens by men working for Brown.

Afterward, Adrienne Brown made additional charges of domestic violence against late singer but died before the late black signer could be attempted.