Hong Kong Protesters Mark 5th Anniversary Of Umbrella Movement

Hong Kong Police officer used tear gas and water cannon on the tens of thousands protestors descend on government headquarters.

On Saturday night, Tens of thousands of people fell down upon the Hong Kong government headquarters to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Umbrella Movement, the first ever homegrown pro-democracy movement in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

Pro-democracy activists have intensified their four-month-long movement in the financial hub previous to celebrations planned for the 70th anniversary of communist China’s founding from Tuesday.

According to reports, Police officers started firing tear gas at protesters in Causeway Bay when they started behaving losing tolerance, surrounded and interrupted officers who were trying to control the circumstance but all went wrong that caused a series of arrests.

Saturday night violence cased when the security forces used water cannon trucks, tear gas, and pepper spray, though police had to do after the activists went out of control and thrown rocks and petrol bombs at government offices.

On other side, China is preparing for tightly choreographed and gigantic festivities as well as a huge military parade in Beijing to raise the roof in the appearance of their nation as a global superpower.

However, by considering the current or continued bad condition in Hong Kong highlights towards disturbance in forthcoming celebrations as the semi-autonomous city boils with public annoyance over the erosion of its special freedoms under Beijing’s rule.

Hong Kong has been giving sight of the worst political unrest over the last 17 weeks since its give up to China in 1997 with huge pro-democracy rallies including gradually more extreme conflicts.

Summer of dissatisfaction arose when an extradition bill to the mainland that has since been put on ice, has gradually changed into a call for free elections and less involvement from Beijing.

We have learned from latest reports that activists had taken the decision of a series of rallies in the days leading up to anniversary of Tuesday.

Tens of thousands of people made for two peaceful rallies on Friday and Saturday night but others demonstrated how they can worsen the situation.