Express (Parlay) bets on 1xbet: features, advantages and disadvantages, how to bet

An Express (or Parlay) is a type of bet in which a player bets on two or more events, and all selected outcomes must be successful for the bet to be considered a winning bet. Express bets are popular with many punters due to the possibility of making a significant winnings with a small initial stake.


  • Combining outcomes: You can choose multiple outcomes from different matches and events.
  • Increased odds: The total odds of a spread are calculated by multiplying the odds of all selected outcomes.
  • All or Nothing: All selected outcomes must be true for the express to be a winning bet.

How to make an express bet on 1xbet:

  1. Log in to your account on the 1xbet website.
  2. Select a few events you would like to bet on. Click on the odds of the desired outcomes and they will be automatically added to the betting pool.
  3. In the coupon, check the betting mode. By default, when selecting multiple outcomes, the bet mode will switch to “Express”.
  4. Enter the bet amount.
  5. Confirm the bet.


  • Opportunity for big winnings: Thanks to the multiplication of odds, even a small bet can result in impressive winnings.
  • Emotional involvement: Following several matches at the same time can add to the excitement.


  • High risk: If at least one event in a spread loses, the entire bet is considered a loss.
  • Difficulty of prediction: The more events in a bet, the more difficult it is to correctly predict the outcome of each event.

In conclusion, express bets can bring big winnings, but the risk of losing money is higher than with single bets. Players should approach this type of betting deliberately, taking into account all the risks and potential rewards.