Detective Mike Ciesynski Analysis On Kurt Cobain’s Death File

Detective Mike Ciesynski

On the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death, so many fans of the late handsome musician attended Seattle Park near the house carrying left flowers, candles and handwritten messages where the guitarist and front-man of the rock band Nirvana killed himself.

 Detective Mike Ciesynski

Seattle Police retired detective Mike Ciesynski was assigned to the homicide unit for 22 years, 12 of which were in the cold case unit. He was then appointed to study the Kurt Cobain case in 2014, while now on songwriter’s 25th anniversary he shares what he discovered studying his death files.

In 2014, the public information sergeant called him to his office so that time he believed he had been assigning if he would be willing to verbalize to a writer who would like to speak about one of the serial murder cases he worked.

Ciesynski said but something was beyond his expectations as the sergeant greeted him with a funny smile, he said, “Hey Mike, the chief would like you to take a look at the Kurt Cobain suicide and get your thoughts,”

He added, “April 5th will be 20 years exactly, and that’s why the chief thinks it would be a good idea to take a look at it since we’re starting to get media inquiries.”

He had accepted the assignment given by the public information sergeant to Ciesynski, on which he replied that he didn’t have deep details regarding the death of world’s one of the best guitarists.

Ciesynski had been working on the original investigation but with lack of his involvement excluding taking a taped report two years after the American vocalist’s killing.

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He also shared that he had a better idea that a couple of rolls of 35 mm film, backup evidence photos were taken at the death scene remained unsuccessful to achieve a particular end.

Ciesynski attained the case file from their records vault and decided to read the whole subject shutting down his private office door. So he discovered the case out of the ordinary, and also not unheard of, for cold case detectives to be taking a look at resolved cases.

After studying the entire case file of Kurt Cobain’s death considered it commit suicide but not anymore. Mike Ciesynski had been served 37 years the Seattle police department and left police service in 2017.