Columbia University Professor’s Office Vandalized With Swastikas

A Jewish professor’s office at Columbia University in New York City has been vandalized with an anti-Semitic slur, including anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas, is being highlighted number of hate crimes against Jews in the United States.

By taking strict notice over the incident, New York City Police Department has started an investigation to discover who are behind the scene as Jewish academic’s professor’s office was spoiled with two spray-painted swastikas and a insulting remark aimed at Jewish people.

“I opened the outer door and almost passed out,” Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky, is Jewish, told reporters after discovering the two swastikas spray-painted in red, while she has published various articles related to the Holocaust.

Elizabeth Midlarsky has been associated the university’s Teachers College for 28 years, informed the security after finding two spray-painted swastikas and also discussed the issue with staff before being brought home by a van.

After the incident, on Wednesday, the president of Columbia’s Teachers College, Thomas Bailey said in his statement that their institute of higher education strictly condemned any expression of hatred that is considered against humanity and our society. He also continued saying perpetrator will be at front of all because they are working along with investigators.

He said, “We are outraged and horrified by this act of aggression and use of this vile anti-Semitic symbol against a valued member of our community.”

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has also declared on Thursday that he has asked the State Hate Crimes Unit to make all possible efforts to discover who are behind the scene.

Cuomo said in statement, “I am disgusted by the abhorrent act of anti-Semitism and hate that occurred at Columbia University. We will hold those behind this act responsible to the full extent of the law, and we will rise above this hate.”

However, spraying insulting remarks or swastikas is not happened first with Midlarsky, even at door of her office had a Swastika spray-painted in 2007.

She had been informed media that hate mail both by letter and email were also sent her in 2007 that what Midlarsky took something connection to her lifetime of work as a Jewish activist, but after the incident, a call was made from Teachers College not to come in as her office had been vandalized.