British Radio Host Gavin Ford Found Dead At Home In Lebanon

A British radio Host-DJ who had been working on a popular breakfast show in Lebanon, was discovered dead at his home on Tuesday in the town of Beit Meri, east of the capital Beirut.

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According to latest reports, Security officials have started initial investigations that points out it was murder, though dead Gavin Ford joined the Lebanese station Radio One in 1995.

Radio One also has penned in a social media post, “We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear Gavin Ford,”

Staff at Radio One has also mentioned that they have informed the authorities as couldn’t contact Mr. Ford at what time he failed to show up at work. However, one of the officials told media at condition of anonymity, police have launched probe of sudden death of Gavin Ford which is being considered murder under initial investigation.

However, Mr. Ford had achieved huge fame from Gavin Ford in the Morning for his ‘Gavin Ford in the Morning’, though LBCI TV of Lebanon has mentioned he was found dead with a blow to the head that supposed to be cause in his death.

Security sources have also revealed that who is murderer, strangled the British radio host who was discovered with hands bound behind his back.

Chris Rampling, united Kingdom ambassador to Lebanon, took his Twitter after listening Gavin Ford’s death news, “I am shocked and deeply saddened by the death of Gavin Ford, one of Lebanon’s most popular morning breakfast hosts.”

He added, “The thoughts of all at the embassy are with his family, friends and colleagues at this terribly difficult time,”

Before joining the a breakfast show on Radio Caroline (a British radio station founded in 1964 by Ronan O’Rahilly) as presenter, Mr. Ford went the National Broadcasting School in London for study. He also had been worked with stations in France and Cyprus, and then turned Lebanon, where he was introduced as host of a breakfast show which was said to have been the most popular oh the country since 1996.

Before that, British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes was raped and murdered in Beirut about a year ago along with with an Uber driver who was taken into custody over the murder.